Monday, March 18, 2013

Spring is Here!

By: Taryn Kanai and Dasia Burr

Spring break is finally here! What are you going to do? If you said eat, sleep, and watch T.V. all break then you have a pretty boring life.  Go out and do something, like have a sleepover, go shopping, play outside, do something active and productive!  The most important thing you probably need to remember is that during spring, the weather is just right, nature is so beautiful and it's the perfect time to spend with family and friends! Another thing to remember is during spring break you better review what you have learned at school, so that when you come back to school, you won't be brain washed and not remember anything.  Remember to be balanced this Spring Break!

Saint Patrick’s Day

Saint Patrick’s Day

By: Valerie Sunajo
C’mon guys! Let’s go meet a leprechaun, find a pot of gold, and wish on a four leaf clover!  Coming up on March 17 we celebrate, Saint Patrick’s Day!  This day is when we celebrate Saint Patrick, himself.  Saint Patrick was a patron saint of Ireland, but before this he was kidnapped by Irish Raiders.  After escaping, he returned to his homeland, Britain, and became a priest.  Later, he went back to Ireland as a missionary to spread Christianity to Ireland. There, he spent 30 years building ministries of worship all around Ireland. Celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, allows people to honor his accomplishments, and his entry to heaven.  So, on March 17 remember the reason why you are celebrating Saint Patrick’s Day, and make sure to wear green, to show your appreciation.

Recycle that Bottle Style!

Thank you to all of the students, school staff, foundations, and families who came out for Keoneula's second annual Go Green Night!  Families enjoyed moving through different stations of Family Feud, learning about vermicast and different types of plants growing in our garden, learning how much power goes into powering an incandescent vs. a CFL, playing a sorting game with the Kokua Foundation, and learning how to turn all of our food scraps (meat and all!) into compost.  Great prizes were given throughout the night, and KIC students put on an entertaining Gangnam style dance, rewritten by Zarren Oasay to fit the Green theme.  An exciting and interesting night! 

Friday, March 8, 2013

Let's Go Green!!

By: Taryn Kanai

On March 15, we are having a Go Green Night, which you guess it, is all focused on going green! There is going to be lots of games having to do with going green.  For example, KIC will have a family fued about recycling, relay races, so on and so forth. Plus we even have a special performance, it will be performed by our very own.......... KIC members YAY!! This night will be student led, there will be some teachers talking throughout the night but mostly students. There will also be other foundations there like HECO (Hawaiian Electric Company), and their mission is to provide secure, clean energy, and we will also be having the Kokua Foundation, which is a non-profit organization that supports environmental education. It will be lots of fun I promise, hope to see you there!

Question of the Week

By: Rhyanne Javier

Hi there! Im glad I got your attention. Kaleo o Keone'ula is trying to interact more with our blog readers. Every week we'll try to post a survey, feel free to comment down below for your answer. This week's question is........SHOULD KIDS BE ABLE TO CHOOSE THEIR RELIGION? In class we are doing an arguement piece on it. Again please feel free to comment your answer. We really appreciate it!

Konichiwa Keone'ula!

By:  Stevie Pascual

Hey everyone! I would like to tell you about Ms.Akama, our new Japanese language teacher to our current K-2 students. Ms.Akama is a nice, sweet lady who was born and raised in Japan.  She has always loved Japan and one of her favorite Japanese traditions is their New Year's tradition. She likes it because she gets to spend time with her family and they get to eat delicious fruit and ozoni. She really loves teaching the kids at Keone'ula because she feels the kids are really bonding with the Japanese culture. If you happen to see her on campus be sure to say hi!

Welcome Mrs. Yamaguchi!

By:  Stevie Pascual

Hey everyone! We have a new teacher in training and her name is Mrs.Yamaguchi. Mrs.Yamaguchi is very exited to help teach students, and is training in Mrs.Matsuura's class.  She wants to become a teacher because she has always been involved with helping people. She is currently attending the University of Phoenix and her hobbies are volleyball and judo. If you happen to see her on campus, be sure to say hi!

6th grade Religion Field Trip

By:Taryn Kanai and Leialoha Bugarin

     On Friday, Febuary 22, 6th grade went on a field trip to 3 churches/temples. The first one we went to was Immaculate Conception (a Catholic church). Reverend Dalton talked to us about the artifacts and why they are so special or what they are symbolized for. After he talked for a little while we got to look around the church, it was so cool looking at the different artifacts. The next stop was to Temple Emanu-al (Jewish temple). There we had a guest speaker talk about the torah scrolls, and the 10 commandments. The last temple we went to was the Byodoin at the Valley of the Temples in Kaneohe. We had fun here because we got to ring a bell, look at a big Buddha, and got to feed the koi fish. We had lots of fun on this field trip and we hope  next year's 6th graders can go on the same field trip and have as much fun as we did. Thank you very much to the very kind speakers at all of our visits for sharing their knowledge and spirituality! 

Go Green Tips: Eat Locally!

 By: Christine Toorinjian

               Have you ever wondered where your food came from? No, I'm not talking about all that "Oh, this place does this!' or "Oh, this place has chicken hormones in their chicken!" I'm talking about things like: Where was it grown? Who grew it? How was it brought to my plate? You know, things like that. But have you ever asked yourself these questions? Think about it. Whether it be when you went out with some family, or if you just bought some groceries and was preparing dinner. Have you ever really thought about it? Well right now, your thinking will have to be put on hold. Here's what this week's blog is really about! Over the past years, and some may even say decades, local buyers (which SHOULD be us, have very much dwindled. With mainland competitors , Hawaii's growing popuation, cost of labor, land/water problems, lack of technology, and much, much more, local suppliers find it harder and harder to  keep up. But what the people really need to know is why they should buy locally. So here's some reasons and some tips to help you out:

            Reason #1: You'll be supporting local farmers. Won't seeing one less person out of work be satisfying, and to know that you just spread aloha to someone else out of just one magnanimous act be something very much worth your time?

            Reason #2: Local= healthier. You know why? It's fresher. Well picture this. Food that is locally grown is from right here in Hawaii. Food that is grown in the mainland is, well, grown in the mainland, literally hundreds of miles away. So take your pick. Food that goes straight from a farm to a store or restaurant, or food that goes straight into some packaged box for days, maybe even weeks to get to you.

            Reason #3: It's getting easier! Yes, you heard right: buying locally is becoming easier. More and more stores, such as Foodland and Times Supermarkets are picking up on the thrend of local food and are giving it a go! So if stores are giving it a try, why won' t you?

            Now on to the steps!

            Step #1: Meet is menacing. Just producing the meat takes up many resources and eating it less will surely make a life a bit green. Say amybe one serving a week?

            Step #2: Eat out. When you go out to eat, your supporting local chefs that cook with Hawaiian-grown foods. Spread the aloha of being local, and eat out!

            Step #3: Farmers Market time! If you want some of the frreshest and locally grown foods, go to one farmer market! Food there is basically straight from the farm to you.

            Step #4: Look at labels. Ask owners where they get their produce from. Just because something says that it's made n the U.S. doesn't mean it's grown here. For example, just because a banana has a Dole sticker on it, doesn't mean that it was grown here.

            So why don't you put this knowledge to some use, eh? Take some action and eat local.

Balanced is the Way to Be!

By:  Alyssa Neal

As you guys all know, every month there is an IB-Attribute focus. So for the month of March, the IB-attribute we are focusing on as a school is "Balanced". Wow! It is already March! The school year is going by so fast! Well anyways, I just love that next months IB-Attribute is "Balanced". The definition of the word balanced, is basically just how you imagine it. Calm & cool, clear-headed, and motivated. For example, what is one scenario where you need literal balance? Standing on one leg! Okay, step one of standing on one leg; you need to be calm & cool. Because, if you are standing on one leg all excited and hyper, who is going to fall? That's right. You.  Second step of standing on one leg, you need to have a clear-mind. Because if you are thinking about random things while trying to balance, you will probably get of balance and fall. Rather than someone who was focused on not falling and had a clear mind. Now you have mastered the move on balancing on one leg. While I was writing those steps, I was actually trying to balance on one leg while thinking random thoughts. Now guess what? I fell each time!

Now, for the golden steps to being a balanced person:
1.) Care: Be kind to yourself, and do the same to others.
2.)Reflective: Take time to look back in your good past, and pull more of those good things in to your current life, so you can remember those great memories. And take a look at the bad ones; reflect and learn from  them. Take a look, reflect, use them to make you a better person.  Ask yourself questions like- Good memories? How will I try to be more balanced? What can I do differently next time?
3.) Examine: "Examine" all the parts in your life that you would like to be more balanced.  Are you spending too much time playing video games, and not enough time on your academics?  Too much time with your friends, and not enough time with your family? 
4.) Prepare: Get your insides ready. Get all those things that will stop you from not being a balanced person, and prepare for it so you will have goals that help you accomplish your goal on being balanced.
6.) Connect: Get your main man / women in place. Your main supporters to help you through this journey of being balanced.  They could be your family members, teachers, or friends. 

Be balanced.

Book Fair

By: Dasia Burr

Another successful book fair has come and gone.... I hope you had a chance to check it out and purchase some books!  The theme this year was “ Story Labratory."  Some of the books they had was “I survived” by Lauren Bake, “Bake Wish” by Lorna Honey, and lots, lots more! So I hope you continue to invest in reading because it gives you super powers!

Money for Others Rocks

By: Taryn Kanai

Have you heard about Pennies for Patients? Well if you haven't then I will tell you, it is the fundraiser to raise money for those who have leukemia (affects blood and bone marrow) and lymphoma (blood cancer that begins in lymphatic system). Thank you so much to all the people who donated. Even if you just donated a penny you have helped to make a difference. I know that Pennies for Patients will be so happy with all the money we raised. If you did not have an opportunity to donate last month, you can donate directly to this non profit organization.  Check out the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society website.

Also remember to keep bringing in your labels for education or punch in those codes on the bottle caps from your Coke bottles!  Thank you for your generosity and kindness!

HSA Testing is Here!

Written by:  Rhyanne Javier

Guess what, HSA testing is coming up. Most students fear this because it is a test. We all had our first try and now its time for our second try. Now this grade matters the most! Tips for getting a good grade: you have to sleep early the day before the test. Sleep for at least 10 hours. Study at least 10-20 minutes everyday just to make you remember everything you learned in class so that it doesn't slip your mind. Another tip is to have a well balanced breakfast the day of the test (and everyday) so you can't have a BIG breakfast because you will be too stuffed, you have to eat a just right breakfast.  You should've skip breakfast because you need something to fill your stomach to make you think. Try to practice these good habits everyday and I am sure you will get the grade! This is all I have to say and good luck! You can also use Teenbiz and IXL for help on studying for the big test.

HTY Performs "Sort It Out" For Us

By: Leialoha Bugarin

Say thanks to HTY! Why? Well because they taught us a very valuable lesson about the wonderful recycling process. Don't forget the process goes reduce, reuse, recycle. They sang and even took some time to be with us. HTY is always an amazing group. They always amaze me with their performances. Here are some tips on recycling that we learned: before you recycle look if there is a number 1 or 2 on the object in the triangle symbol because if there is, that means it is safe to recycle. Use both sides of the paper and make sure you put your trash in the correct bin. HTY was also very funny. They asked kids to give them a hard reusable item, so they could figure out how to recycle it. One of the items suggested by a student was an old building. The actors said that you can turn that old building into a balance beam by using the old beams from the roof.  It was cool that they could think so quickly on their feet. Now remember to thank and support the Honolulu Theater for Youth!