Thursday, May 2, 2013

Quote Of The Week- "Insides, not Out"

By:  Alyssa Neal

  It's your second week of, "Quote Of The Week!" ~Welcome back!~ I really love doing the "Quote Of The Week"! I am going to start adding pictures to the endings of my quote of the week as well, just for a visual. When I am looking for inspiring quotes, it inspires me as I read them, and makes me feel like I am helping all of our readers that choose to read our blogs. It gives me a feel of meaning and passion, and joy while I write up, "Quote Of The Week" blogs. Anyway, this week, I focused my quote choice on "Insides not out." That may sound confusing right now, but once you read this blog, it will make much more sense! So, please continue reading!
~"Art doesn't have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful." Duane Hanson~
This quote, in my opinion, is sending out a simple but strong message throughout all people. This quote, in my definition, basically is saying it's what's on the insides that count, not the outsides. It is just like the quote, "Don't judge a book by it's cover." {Cover: The outside.} {Pages: The insides.} All that matters is the personality and warm-heart. So, anyways, referring back to the quote, this ties in with the quote I have chosen. When, you are doing art you need to focus on what the moral of your drawing, or painting is. I mean, if it has a good meaning and moral it will always look perfect from the outside! So, art does not have to look pretty, it needs a moral. When you hear the word art, this is probably what you think: {It needs to look perfect. Perfect is best. Neatness gives a better grade.} But this is what you need to think: {Moral is meaning. What does this mean?} Art is meant to express, and if your art (which can also be a metaphor for your life) has a moral and you can explain the meaning it is already perfect.

Track Meet

By: Rhyanne Javier and Dasia Burr

On Friday we had a field trip for our district's annual track meet for all 5th and 6th graders. Even if you were not on the team, we had a lot of fun cheering for our school. With Ms. Coffin's drumming, we sure did roar the crowd up. I interviewed Taryn Kanai, a runner for track and she said she had a lot of fun because she got to compete with other schools and build teamwork.  It was super fun, our school either won 1st, 2nd, or 3rd place. We were very excited for all of our runners that represented KEONEULA! I lost my voice cheering for you guys! I also interviewed a 5th grade runner, Guy Leopard who ran the 200m and 100m and won 2nd and 3rd place. I would like to say to all you track runners and cheer squad in the stands, GOOD JOB!!

Help Support Keone'ula with Safeway Escrips!

Written by: Valerie Sunajo

      Help Keoneula Elementary earn money, just by shopping at Safeway! All you have to do is, sign up for escrip, register your Safeway club card, and start shopping.  An amount of your shopping goes straight to Keone'ula, just from your support.  There are two ways to sign up for this.  1. Go online to and sign up there, but make sure to search for city, Ewa Beach to find Keoneula. OR, 2. Fill out your, “Name, Address, E-Mail, and Safeway club card number”, on a form that was given to your child.  I hope this year Keoneula Elementary raises even more money than last year.  It will support our school a lot, and will also help us raise money for our students.  Hope to see everyone shopping for Keone'ula!

Hawaii Food Bank Drive

Want to help feed Hawaii's hungry? Well, you can help be donating canned foods for the food drive.  Our school is trying to donate canned foods like canned meats/tuna, soups, vegetables, and fruits. For example, Vienna sausage is a canned meat that you can bring. Please turn in donations to the office or to your child's classroom teacher. REMEMBER YOUR DONATION COUNTS! Please bring all donations by May 3rd. 

Vote on SEEDS OF CHANGE on Facebook

Keoneula need your help! Seeds of Change is a foundation that provides grant money for schools. If you have a Facebook page, please like the page Seeds of Change, then enter our zipcode 96706.  It will pull up our garden name, Ka Uluwehi o ka Nauao and you can click to vote and help us win $10,000- $25,000 for the expansion of our Outdoor Learning Center. Please vote once a day. This money will help us a lot!