Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spirit Week Outcome!

By: Taryn Kanai

Spirit week was awesome! Many people showed their school spirit everyday! Monday was pajama day. I really loved this day because I didn't have to get ready in the morning. The favorite pajama set I saw was one with a monkey holding a cupcake. Tuesday was twin day, and I was twins with my bff Dasia. On Wednesday was mustache day, and my favorite mustache was a little boy's one. He had a mask with a face, mustache, beard and everything.  Thursday was sports day, you could have dressed up as someone you favor in athletics or in a sport that you play.  I saw lots of people wearing either football or soccer uniforms. Finally, casual day was my favorite because everyone dressed up however they wanted.  Following dress code of course. Also thank you to all the people who dressed in purple for Purple Up Day on Monday to support our military and their families because they deserve recognition and honor. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Keoneula Spirit Week!

By:  Rhyanne Javier

It's that time of year again, students get to wear something according to the theme of the day. It's called SpIrIt WeEk!! This years spirit week themes are as follows.  Monday is pajama day, Tuesday is twin day, Wednesday is mustache day, Thursday is sports day, and Friday is casual day.  We don't have to wear our uniforms, be creative and crazy with these days, it's your time to shine. Of course clothing has to be appropriate, and we have a dress code that we still need to follow. To look at the dress code to make sure your child's clothing is appropriate, please go to our school website and go to the tab for students, and it should have a school dress code policy. Thank you and get ready to show off your school spirit. Go Cubs!

                                            African American Cheerleader clipart

Quote of the Week

By:  Alyssa Neal

Hey fellow bloggers! We have a surprise! Each week (starting this week) we are going to start having a quote of the week. That means, one of us journalist, will choose a quote we see and like, and create a blog on what we think that certain quote means! It’ll be loads of fun! This topic is mainly purposed to inspire you. You should try to apply some of these quotes to life, because it would benefit you and your life. When I found my quote for this week, it was really meaningful to me, and I will now try to apply it to my life! So anyway, let’s get on to the grand opening of… “Quote Of The Week!”


“Be not afraid of life. Believe that life is worth living, and your belief will help create the fact.” Inspired by: William James, 1842-1910

          This is just one of my all time favorite quotes! It is that type of quote that everyone can and should apply to their life. Anyways, this is what I think this quote means: You do not have to be afraid of living your life. Life is meant to be lived! You should not waste your life. By that, I mean, stop just sitting there. Go on an adventure! You shouldn’t waste your life because you never know when it will be over. Live your life to the best of your abilities, and don't be afraid of new experiences.

Live as if you’ll die tomorrow!

 Thanks for reading, “Quote Of The Week”! I hope it inspired, and you’ll apply it to your life. More coming! Another quote coming next week! 

Women's History Month! Girl Power: Sally Ride

By: Bryce Nichols

This blog is for Sally Ride. She changed history for all women. A long time ago women did not have the same rights as men. It was as if there was a glass ceiling keeping women below men. But Sally Ride broke through that glass celing, and pushed to get where she wanted to be. She also inspired other women to do the same. Sally Ride was the first female astronaut in space, in 1983. Sally Ride was born in May 1951. As a child growing up, she loved science and math. She enjoyed playing tennis and after high school she thought that she might become a professional tennis player but later found out it was not for her. She went to Stanford university in California. Her moment was in 1977 when she responded to a newspaper ad that NASA was looking for astronauts. Over 8,000 applied but only 25 were hired, and she was one of them! After lots of hard work and training she went to space. She died at 61 years old from pancreatic cancer. Sally Ride changed history and will never be forgotten.

The Sally Ride Tribute

Gabrielle Douglas

Gabrielle Douglas

Written By: Valerie Sunajo

     Who's a woman that you look up to? Is it your mom, someone famous, or a regular woman who works in a store? Why do you look up to that woman, and how does she inspire you?  The month of March is, Women Appreciation Month. This month celebrates the significance of women, and their accomplishments.  Take Gabrielle Douglas, also known as Gabby, as an example.  Gabby is a two-time gold medal Olympian in gymnastics.  Gabby Douglas was the first African-American gymnast to claim gymnastics’ biggest prize, “The All-Around Olympic Title.”  Gabby has also earned, female athlete of 2012, from her inspiring accomplishments.  Before becoming and actual Olympian, Gabby started her journey at age 6. Her desire to be in the Olympics grew more and more, and she finally moved to Iowa to train for the Olympics.  Gabby worked very hard, and she finally succeeded.  Gabrielle Douglas quotes, “Everything is possible, you just need to go out there and fight.  If you have the dream, just go out there and don’t be scared.  Always be courageous and strong, and don’t fear.  Anything is possible if you put your mind to it.”  Following your dreams, just like Gabrielle Douglas, will definitely lead you to success, and will get to you to experience many opportunities.

March is Women's History Month! Girl Power: Rosa Parks

By: Taryn Kanai

This month is Women's Appreciation Month, it's a month where we honor, study, and celebrate the women in the past that have done so much for us. Since its Women's Appreciation Month, I've decided to talk about Rosa Parks, a very inspiring and courageous woman.  Rosa was born on the 4th of February in 1913. Rosa Parks is no ordinary person, she is most known as one of the first African-Americans to not surrender her seat to a white passenger. Since that happened the city that she lived in (Montgomery) had no choice but to lift the law requiring segregation on public buses.  Now that you know a little about Rosa Parks, are you more appreciative of the power and influence of women and what it means to be a true risk taker?  Are you prepared to stand up for what is right, like Rosa Parks did?

Civil Rights Leader Rosa Parks in Alabama

Prince Kuhio Holiday

By: Rhyanne Javier

Guess what holiday we celebrated last week on March 26th?  It was Prince Kuhio Day! Your probably wondering who's that? I'll answer that for you! Let's start with the history behind Prince Kuhio. First of all, his whole name is Jonah Kuhio Kalanianaole. He was prince when the Kingdom of Hawaii was being removed from power by businessmen in 1893. Then he became a politician in the Territory of Hawaii, and he was a delegate in the US Congress. He was also the very first Native Hawaiian and the very first person to be elected in that position that was a born a royal.