Thursday, December 13, 2012

Be Better in Math!! The Secret..... IXL!!

By:  Rhyanne Javier

Do you know what's another great site for learning math? It's IXL! IXL has great problems for every topic. It has different problems for the grades Pre-K through 8th grade. They also have an Algebra and Geometry tab. IXL is always making their site better, there are more tabs coming soon! I really enjoy IXL because it has a ton of problems you can do. I sometimes do 7th and 8th grade on my free time and it helps me a lot! Every achievement that you get, you get to uncover a square that reveals prizes. My favorite topic on IXL would be Geometry because I like to deal with shapes or lines. I also enjoy going to my reports and looking at my troubled spots to see where I need to work on the most. This is all I have to say about IXL and I hope that you enjoy it because it's there to help you! All Keone'ula students have a username and password to this site, so make good use of it while you can!

Safety Drills

By:  Stevie Ray Pascual

Some of you know that we recently had a lockdown drill and an off campus evacuation. For those of you who don't know what a lockdown is, a lockdown is when an intruder is near or at the school. What every class and building does is cover the windows and turn off the lights. Every student in a classroom goes on the opposite side of the room of where the door is during a lockdown. Everyone has to be quiet during a lock down as well. Now if you're not in a building or at a restroom during a lockdown, you have to go to the nearest classroom or building and flash your name tag on the door so people can trust you and let you in.

Now, the second drill is an evacuation. An evacuation is when everyone in the school goes across the street of the school. This happens when there's a bomb threat or a chemical leak. While walking, you have to be serious, it is not like a walk to the park. You have to speed walk and be quiet. Why? Well, if you don't speed walk, then it will take longer for other students behind you to get out of the school. And if you don't be quiet, you will distract other people, including yourself, from speed walking.

I want you guys to know that you shouldn't be scared, if you follow these rules, you will be fine and safe.


Christmas in a Box

By: Leialoha Bugarin and Taryn Kanai

     Have you thought of what you want for Christmas yet? Well, good if you have, but you also need to think of other kids who don't get presents on Christmas. To help, there is a program that is held every year. It is called Operation Christmas Child by Samaritan's Purse. This year our class (Ms. Firestone's class) participated in Operation Christmas Child. We brought in supplies & toys to pack in shoeboxes. Our class filled three Shoeboxes. It was a huge accomplishment because since we filled three shoeboxes, three kids from poverty stricken countries will be able to get it. One box is for one child. The different supplies & toys that we brought in were markers, crayons, books, barbies, & toy cars. Now remember, this program is held every year so please, please, please, participate because Christmas is the time to think of others. Last but not least Merry Christmas!

Lokahi Tree

By: Dasia Burr

If you have not come by to pick up an ornament off the Lokahi tree, then please come by. We want all of them off the tree. There are families and children that don’t receive anything for Christmas. And Christmas is all about giving and spending time with families. And when all of us take the ornaments off, then more kids and families will be happy. If you don’t know where the Lokahi tree is, it’s in the office by a bear singing Christmas songs. Remember though, if you pick one, make sure you purchase the gift and leave it unwrapped under the tree. So remember, Christmas is all about giving and spending time with your families.

                                  ~MERRY CHRISTMAS~

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Recess Rules

By:  Stevie Ray Pascual

     Hey guys, I want to talk about recess boundaries and rules. First of all, students should not be hanging out by the library or the sun dial. Why?  Yard duty teachers are not over there if you get hurt. And plus, why would you be hanging out by the sun dial if you can just talk at the benches!

     Another place of where you cannot go during recess is in F-building. You should only be there if you have to use the bathroom or drink water. Why? You could get hurt! AND you would disturb classes during lessons.

     Also, when playing with the kickball, please be mindful of how you are playing.  If everyone plays appropriately, we wouldn't have to worry about dodging the ball, or worry about getting hurt.  There should not be any tackling or kicking the ball over the fence!

      One last thing that I really need to address is that I see a lot of litter (in other words trash)  behind the benches and bushes. I'm sure your teachers or parents have talked to you about litter and we all know that IT IS NOT GOOD! Littering destroys the environment and is an actual crime. If you have a habit of being a litter bug, then you will not have a successful future.  So please remember all of these rules so you can be safe and keep our campus clean.  Yard duty teachers  and friends are there for you as well if you have questions.

Ewa Makai Band Performance

By: Julaluk Moulthrop and Rhyanne Zyrelle Javier

     1234 ! Let's go! The Ewa Makai band performance led by Mr. Iyoki, the Ewa Makai band director,  performed at Keone'ula for 4th-6th graders. They played songs such as Don't stop believing, Eye of the Tiger, Party Rock Anthem, You're a  Mean  One, Mr. Grinch, along with some of " The Grinch stole Christmas"  songs. Then they showed the audience some music sheets, which are sheets that guide musicians and the conductor which beat to play in, which they use to play their instruments. Some instruments they play are  the saxophone, French horn, xylophone, drums, tuba and many more.

     Then the conductor had a little surprise for us. He picked a student conductor from the audience. That lucky person was Taias Savea. He got to conduct the band for awhile. He did great! Anyways, overall, it was an awesome performance!

     So here is some more good news. For those who would want to listen to the Ewa Makai band rock again, they are going to play in the Winter Concert on December 13 at the Ewa Makai Middle School. Also, for those of you that would like to be in the Ewa Makai band and rock as good as them, you can take a summer program for about a month to get into the band program. Anyways, thank you Ewa Makai band for a wonderful performance. You ROCK!

Veterans Day

By: Alyssa Neal

What does it mean to be an American?
"Ask not what the country can do for you, but what you can do for your country."
-President Kennedy.

"All gave some, some gave all."

What does it mean to be an American, is the question. Well, to be an American to me means that I am free. That when I grow up I can pick the job I want, what shift to work, and to have a good education. It means that I can say "The Pledge of Allegiance" and that I can vote for the President. (Once I get older.) Being an American is about being free and loyal. It's about having freedom of religion, rights, and justice. Being an American means that we are all treated equally no matter what color skin you have, and it doesn't matter what culture you are from. An American is someone who deserved freedom, and shouldn't take that freedom for granted. And that is what it means to be an American to me.

We shouldn't take these wonderful opportunities for granted, because all of these great choices did not come with just a simple snap of the fingers. People actually had to fight for all of our freedom, and sacrifice there lives for us! Those people that fight for our freedom are called Veterans. And guess what? There is a day celebrated just for them, 11/11 (November 11th) every single year. That is the day that you are supposed to be thankful for every single thing you have, and remember what it truly means to be a free American.

A man or women who served honorably on active duty in the armed forces of the United States. A veteran, is a risk-taker. Someone who cares more about others than themselves. A man or woman who would rather die, just so that everyone around him or her can have freedom, because EVERY SINGLE PERSON DESERVES FREEDOM. Veterans have done a lot for our country, and we shouldn't take that for granted.

    Everything we have now, other countries probably do not have. So, on Veterans Day everyone needs to take a moment, just a moment to think just how lucky we are to have freedom, and how we shouldn't just think everything will be handed to us. We need to know that not every little good thing will come in a gift bag, or present. Because the best gift of all, is knowing that people fight for us and won our freedom.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Cure The World of Breast Cancer

By: Alyssa Neal and Julaluk Moulthrop

~A world without Breast Cancer would be a miracle~

     K.I.C is supporting Breast Cancer by doing a Breast Cancer Walk. "Making Strides Against Breast Cancer." The walk is 5 miles long is taking place at Ford Island. This walk provides a powerful and inspiring opportunity as a community to honor Breast Cancer survivors and raise awareness. The walk begins at 7:00.A.M. Walkers will be treated to water and first-aid at checkpoints along the walk route.

    We interviewed Taryn Kanai to see what her opinion is about this Breast Cancer Walk. We asked her, "Why do you think it's important for us to participate in this walk?" She replied with "It helps people with Breast Cancer, and since there's no cure for Breast Cancer, it's great that were walking to raise awareness and money for the "Cure." Another question we asked her was, "How do you think the people with this disease are feeling, now that they know were doing a walk for them?" She says, "I think they are feeling ecstatic and thankful knowing that were supporting their disease and raising awareness and money to help cure their disease."

    We also interviewed Victoria Coffin (Ms Coffin, Room H101) to see a teachers perspective on this walk. We asked her "Why do you think it's important hat were doing this walk?" She replied happily with "I think that it is important to do this walk because there are a lot of survivors from this disease and we need to show our support. We also need to educate people about Breast Cancer and how it affects people's lives. We also asked her "What do you hope to accomplish after this walk?" She replied joyfully "I hope that more students are aware about Breast Cancer and it's affects.

~Breast Cancer survivors you are strong, continuing to have that this unbreakable bond. I know it's tough and can be very rough, but keep your love alive through this big fight. Never give up and use all your might. We hope to earn money to help cure breast cancer. Wish Us Luck~

Monday, November 19, 2012

St. Andrew’s Cathedral

By: Zachary Jove Caday

     Haven’t you guys heard yet? Recently, the 6th grader’s went to St. Andrew’s Cathedral as a part of our field trip. At St. Andrew's, we saw a lot of artifacts like the holy water, and the stained glass windows.  My favorite artifact was the stained glass windows because it had an image of Jesus standing in the middle with him doing different things, like walking on water. You can see the stained glass window when you exit the building.  We went to St. Andrews because in third quarter, we are going to study world relgions as part of our IB unit.

After the Family Fun Fair

By: Dasia Burr

     Who came to the family fun fair? Because I did! It was super fun! I saw students with temporary tattoos on their face, crazy hair color, teddy bears, soda bottles, and of course smile on their faces, and more! I think all of the grade booths raised a lot of money because each of the booths, there was a long line, that must mean CHA-CHING! Money time! In my opinion, my favorite booth was the bounce house because I could bounce around with my friends. So, if you didn't come to the family fun fair then there is always next year.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Happy Reading!

By: Rhyanne Javier

     Teenbiz or Kidbiz is what you call it, but I'd rather call it the comprehension master.  Why you might ask? First of all, it's full of great questions to help you with your reading strategies. The thought questions sometimes ask you to infer or give you your opinion, which helps you with your answers. Also it helps you to summarize the article. I myself really enjoy Teenbiz or Kidbiz because it helps me with my reading which means i get better at writing, and it helps you get better at oral communication. It's a great website to help you with your reading, writing, and oral communication skills.

    Teenbiz/Kidbiz is really easy to use, you only need to log in, go to your mailbox where you can read the article of the day. The steps to complete one article is to first vote on the poll, then you reply to the article, next you read the article, do the activity and thought questions, then you vote in the poll again. Doing the math is optional. OH SEE! Right there! It has math as well! Now its a 2 in 1 package deal. It's such a great website!

    Please go ahead and check out Teenbiz/Kidbiz.  Even adults can use their kids account to read articles, but kids have to answer the questions. It's a great way to bond and do homework with your child. In conclusion, Teenbiz/Kidbiz is really great with reading and writing strategies. If you're a student who thinks Teenbiz is boring, you might have to change your mind and attitude because it's there to help you learn. Just think about it.

Remember the HECO Challenge is Still ON! Keep Saving Energy!

Remember the HECOLAMO- HECO Home Energy Challenge that is!
By:  Christine Toorinjian

            ATTENTION! ATTENTION! All the people who are reading this blog, stop what you're doing, (besides reading)! Very important information coming YOUR WAY in the next couple of sentences. Remember folks, the HECO challenge is still going on. If you don't remember what the heck that is, then stand by for further refreshing of the brain. Other people......... Keep on reading also!

          So how many months has it been since you remember singing up for the HECO challenge? 2? 3? Well if you answered sandwich, then you are terribly confused! It has been about 3 months since our school has asked you guys to participate in the HECO Home Energy Challenge. If you still don't know what this is, wait a bit longer. The HECO challenge is basically a way for our school to raise money. How it works is when you save energy by doing small things, for example unplugging things when they aren't needed, you're earning money from our school. The more you save, we receive. This challenge is going on for a whole 6 months, so save, save, SAVE! When it's over though, 3 lucky schools that saved the most amount of energy, will be able to win cash prizes. 1st place wins $10,000. 2nd place wins $5,000. 3rd place wins $3,000. We won 3rd place last year, so we really need to kick it up a notch! If we do win 1st place this year, we're hoping that we could invest in a new aquaponics system, and much more fun activities for the students. Another thing too, the family who saves the most energy will receive a Kumu Kit, and not only that, but save big on their electric bill. Just remember though, this isn't only about money, but to encourage people to be thoughtful about the environment, and to make our world a greener place, even if 3/4 of it is blue. Anyways, enough of that, time to move on to HOW you can help us.

          Basically, we're just going to run through some tips, (5 to be exact), on how to save energy in your home. So, here they are:

#1: Open your windows on breezy days, instead of using your A/C.  Use natures winds as it was intended to be.

#2:  If you're planning on replacing your old water heater, try replacing it with a high-efficiency model, which can also save you some big bucks , especially with the years to come.

#3: Choose an ENERGY STAR brand of refrigerators/freezers, which happen to exceed federal efficiency standards by 20%.

#4: Instead of turning on the lights during the day, use natural light. Open your blinds, curtains, drapes, or whatever you have, and let the sun brighten up your home.

#5: Clean your dishwasher's bottom filter routinely to increase its efficiency.

This may sound like a lot of work , but it's time for you to lend a hand, get off your lazy bums, and SAVE A LOT..... of energy that is.

          Overall, keep the HECO challenge in mind, and KEEP IT THERE! No dreaming of unicorns and rainbows, UNLESS you're me. Ummmmm, what else? Oh yeah! SAVE! SAVE! SAVE! Have a nice evening..... or morning..... or whatever's in between and peace out homies!
                                          Photo Courtesy of Google Images

Come, Come, Come, and have Fun, Fun, Fun at the Family Fun Fair!

By:  Taryn Kanai

"Hey Taryn did you hear about the Family Fun Fair?"

"No, when is it?"

"It's November 9, 2012 from 3:30-7:00 at Keone'ula Elementary School."

"Oh, cool what's going to be at the fair?"

"Well there will be a bunch of different games, like ring toss, dunking booth, a bounce house, and lots and lots of prizes!"

"Oh, that sounds fun!"

"There will also be a bake sale going on."

" What kinds of things will be at the bake sale?"

"There will be all sorts of stuff like, brownies, cakes, mochi, and alot of different treats."

" That sounds very delicious."

"I bet they taste goood too!"

"I am for sure going to the Family Fall fair now."

"Great I'll see you there!"



Volleyball Tournament

By : Leialoha Burgarin & Julaluk Moulthrop

     Leilani serves the ball and it goes over the net. Pohakea bumps it back to us. Screams and cheers from the crowd fill the room. Which team will let the ball hit the ground? Who will win the match? Yes you guessed it, it's the volleyball tournament. Keone'ula were going against some really tough volleyball players from different schools in the Ewa Beach District. Actually a few kids in our class are in the volleyball team. Valerie Sunajo, Christine Toorinjian, and don't forget us! Julaluk and Leialoha! There are also many players who are in the volleyball team who are really good players and friends. Oh, and don't forget the coaches, Mr. Chung and Ms. Coffin.
     It was a great experience being in a volleyball team. We had 2 teams, a boy's and a girl's team. At practice, we work or in this case play together to help one another to get better. Soon everyone got really good and were ready for the tournament. So when it came to the tournament, we knew it was going to be challenging , but we know that we have tried our best. It was an enticing and excruciating tournaments and there were many good players, but we knew that we worked hard and we tried our best to make it here.

     Now for a few of the volleyball players to give a response of how they thought of the tournaments. First up, Valerie Sunajo, in Ms. Firestone's class. Our question was,

     "Did you enjoy your volleyball tournaments?"

     "Yes, it was a challenge because I injured my knee and because it was my 1st 2 volleyball games. But on the other hand, it was fun because I did well and I had some funny moments with my friends. It was also really interesting watching other's play."

     We have also asked Mr. Chung about his thoughts on the tournaments. A question we asked was,

     "Was coaching the tournaments a challenge?

     " Coaching was a challenge but it was made easier for me because the students played really well and they behaved well and were excellent listeners," he replied happily.

     Another question we asked him was,

     " Did you have fun?"

     " Yes I did because the enthusiasm of my students was contagious and I was very proud of how we did!?"

     Every game was a challenge for all of us because we were against a lot of really good players but it was the enthusiasm and the spirit that made us fight back. We would like to thank Mr. Chung and Ms. Coffin for teaching all of us how to get better and pushing us to be the best that we can be. You guys are the best coaches ever! It was a hard thing to accomplish but we did it and we had a lot of fun doing it. We worked together and I think our sportsmanship was what made us fight back after all the pain and be the best that we could be because we knew our team, rather boy or girl team, was counting on us and we didn't want to let them down, so we played harder till we won the match. Thank you everyone for your support and for all your hard work you have put in to make this an awesome experience and volleyball tournament!

Monday, November 5, 2012

International Baccalaureate Student of the Month

By:  Ethan Gagnon

     Anybody can be knowledgeble, but we only select the best knowledgeble person from each class to be recognized as the IB Student of the Month. If you were the knowledgeble person of the month, that is a big honor.

     To be knowledgeble you need to keep up with your work. If you really want to be knowledgeble you have to go over what you're supposed to do. You need to know how to reflect on your work, and take in new ideas and use them. Knowledgeble people love to learn. They need to be open minded becasue open minded and knowledgeble work hand in hand.

      Acquiring knowledge is a very important skill to have. Next month's IB is open minded, so start trying to be open minded while continuing to be knowledgeble.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

3rd Grade Waipahu Plantation Field Trip

3rd Graders from Mrs. Kagamida's class have a blast learning about our melting pot of cultures! 

September 2012

3..2..1 ACTION!

By: Dasia Burr

     On Friday, September 14, second graders went on a field trip to Hawaii Theater for Youth and saw a play called “The Five Chinese Brothers."  I interviewed one of the students named Vera Brewer in Mrs. Yoshikawa’s class, and I interviewed Mrs. Yoshikawa. I had fun interviewing them. I interviewed Vera Brewer first.

          Q: Where did you go?

          A: Tenny Theater

          Q: What kinds of different facts did you guys learn about?

          A:  “I learned that if you think you can do it, you can actually do it.”    

          Q: What was your favorite part?

          A: When the first brother was looking inside the fire dragon’s stomach.

          Q:  Was it a fun field trip?

          A: “Yes, because it made me and my friends laugh.”

          Wow! It was really fun interviewing Vera! I was so curious of what she was going to say. Then I interviewed Mrs. Yoshikawa.

          Q: Were you excited to go to your first field trip with your new students?

          A: “It was so relaxing, the play had plenty of colorful costumes, and I like how they called different students up to the stage, it made them pay more attention.”

          Q: Did the act entertain you?

          A: "It was hilarious to watch and learn."

          Q: Did you and your students have a good time together?

          A: "I had fun because all of them behaved, and weren’t walking around or fooling around. I also had fun because I got to learn more about them on the bus."

        I also had fun listening to her answers to my questions. So I’m so glad that both students and teachers had fun at the Hawaii Theater For Youth.

The 1st graders also viewed this play.  Here is Sienna Lopez, 1st grader in Miss Firestone's class, chosen from the audience to be one of the 5 Chinese brothers who has the super power to be fire proof!


Sunday, October 14, 2012


October is designated as the Breast Cancer Awareness month.  Each year, October is dedicated to increasing awareness about the importance of early detection of breast cancer, celebrating the lives of the many women who survived, and remembering those lost.  Throughout the month, various charity walks are scheduled to help in the fight to end breast cancer. 
On Saturday, October 6th, more than 50 participants represented Keone’ula Elementary at the 2012 Making Strides against Breast Cancer walk at Ford Island.  Students from KIC and Running Club, as well as KES staff and family members participated in the annual 5-mile charity walk.  The energetic faces of the students as they walked the event and crossed the finish line at Richardson field showed their excitement to be a part of this cause and to be making a difference.  According to the American Cancer Society, since 1993, the walk has raised more than $460 million across the country.  This year, the local event registered more than 3000 participants and raised more than $125 thousand.  Although this was the first year Keone’ula has participated in this charity walk, we hope to continue to be a part of this great cause in the future.   Mahalo!


Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Go Green Tips- Fishy Business

By: Christine Toorinjian

               Hello and welcome to this month’s go green tip! Warning: This month’s tip is a little out of the blue, so don’t get confused if you realize that you are starting to read about super markets and dolphins. Remember, this blog is based on not only things our school has to offer to you to stay green, but many non-related tips to help you become part of the solution to many global problems. With that being said, let’s move on shall we?

This month’s tip: “Tune in to Tuna”. Okay, so by now, I know what you’re thinking. What the heck does that mean? Well, here’s the break down. This tip is more pushing towards animals, not really the planet in particular, but hey, this month’s tip is this month’s tip. Moving on here’s the problem. You know how you’re in the super market (or a store that sells food), and you’re like, hey, I feel like buying some cans of tuna. It may seem like you know what you’re doing, and your just buying some fish that you may, or may not eat later, right? Wrong. For 50 years now, it has been estimated that around 7 million dolphins have drowned due to being entangled in fishermen’s nets. How you may ask? Well the answers simple. First off, tuna like to swim beneath, where I like to say “the dolphins play”- hey that rhymes! Anyways, because of the fact that dolphins are easier to see than the tuna beneath them, they’re often mistaken to be the tuna FISH. Isn’t that crazy? I mean, how can you get confused with a cute, energetic marine MAMMAL (underline mammal, twice), that goes “Eeh-eeh-eeh”, with a scaly, gilled, blank staring, and usually multi-colored FISH- not to call out fish or anything. Well, that’s what this month’s tip is for, so let’s get to the actual tip.

Fast fact: Tuna have some of the highest mercury levels within them, which is given off by pollution in the ocean. So, on a totally unrelated  note, don’t litter the ocean with any harmful chemicals or just plain out litter!

Now that you know the story behind the tip, it’s time for you to actually know what it is! Here it goes. Check the label of the tuna cans you buy, it may just save a dolphins life. What I mean by this is, that ever since the “dolphin-in-the-net” problem came up, the people who truly, really care have decided to speak for the dolphins, who apparently haven’t developed means of communication between us. It’s time that you know the ugly truth. Dolphins sometimes dive (see what I did there?), their way into our tuna cans, but there is no need to worry. The people that I have mentioned before, who speak for the dolphins, the loraxes of the sea, have come up with a simple solution. By looking at the label of a can, closely, you will find an area where it says “Dolphin-safe”. This means that no dolphins were harmed in the making of the tuna. If you don’t see this, then I suggest that you put that can back on the shelf where it belongs, for the dolphin’s sake.

Benefiting not only you from not eating cute, innocent marine mammals, this tip also helps out the dolphins roaming around the big blue. I mean, who wants their remains going through the human digestive tract, taking a one way ticket to the porcelain express, in a quite unmentionable form, if you know what I mean, and then going into the great beyond, having  to experience that first? I don’t. Give dolphins the satisfactory of at least not getting eaten as their last “earthly form’s” moments. So check the can and make sure it’s dolphin free! Don’t be mean and eat dolphin spleen, be the loraxes of the sea and eat dolphin free!

               This blog is based on the book “You Can Save the Planet: 50 Ways You Can Make a Difference”, written by Jacquie Wines.   


Friday, September 14, 2012

Extracurricular Activities

By:  Zachary Jove Caday

     Hello every one!  Did you know that our school has a lot of extracurricular activities?!  Currently we have volley ball, running club during recess, and after school golf. Participating in extracurricular activities can be very beneficial to your health. It helps you keep a sound mind and keep you physically fit. In addition to the activities mentioned before, we also have track and field. Track and field is a very competitive sport and it promotes friendly competition between participating students. It is also one of those sports that is sure to get you heart beating and keep you on the right track to being fit, which also contributes to you feeling good and positive about yourself. In track, you can participate in 3 activities which are running, softball throw and long jump. Try outs are also open to 5th and 6th graders and still start during the end of year.  More information on our upcoming volleball tournament coming soon! 

Book of the Month: Uncle Jed's Barber Shop

 By: Jayar Kipling
       Hey guys, want to know the book of the month?  Yes?  Ok!  The book of the month for August is Uncle Jed’s Barber Shop.  It’s a great book!  The story is about Uncle Jed wanting to start a professional barber shop.  The author of this book is Margaree King Mitchell.  This is a very good book for everyone to read.

I think you should read this book because it shows that Uncle Jed uses his money on Sarah Jeans’ emergency operation, and then he lost all his money, but still has a good attitude and does not give up his dream.  In this book, Uncle Jed also has an IB attribute which I think is principled. I think it is principled is because Uncle Jed is a very honest and compassionate.  I think he is principled because when he lost his money he knew that he would get it back and didn’t make a big fuss about it, that shows that Uncle Jed is a well-mannered guy and knows what to do and when to do it. My final reason for Uncle Jed being principled is because he paid for Sarah Jeans’ operation before opening up his barber shop. So Uncle Jed thinks of others before himself. That is why Uncle Jed is principled.

My favorite part of the story is when Uncle Jed lost all his money in the bank but he didn’t make a big deal about it.  It’s always nice to know that someone in your family is a person that you can always rely on. I say that because you know that person is a good person, and is always happy, so his actions won’t conflict with your actions. 

Thursday, September 6, 2012


By:  Ethan Gagnon
Do you think we should have DLWOP days?


YES/NO (Leave your answer in comment section, share your thoughts!)    
Do you think we should have DLWOP days? That would would mean one less day of learning.  You might be thinking yay, and your parents might thinking boo. But, did you think about how you might have more work to do throughout the week? You might have more homework to do, and that would not be cool. DLWOP is directed leave without pay. We shouldnt have DLWOP because one less day of learning means more homework. It's also not fair to teachers.So think about it. Should we have DLWOP?


YES/NO (Leave answer in comment section.)


By: Zarren Oasay

What does JPO mean? Well if you don't know, then you're in luck. Why? Beause I'm the guy! JPO is an acronym for Junior, Police, Officer. JPO is a job available for 5th and 6th graders. Though it is absolutely NOT easy to get in. And if you think JPO is all about telling kids to sit down or put those petty little Pokémon cards away then oh, man you are WRONG!!!!!
I interviewed the most fabulous JPO advisor, Mr. Chung!

Q: What is JPO all about?

A: JPO's maintain the safety of students and staff before and after school. They do this by monitoring different areas around the campus.

SIDE NOTE: That means to listen to your fellow JPO's or else you'll get a big nasty bruise on your legs, arms or even your face!!!!! (Because of running)

Q: What are some quality traits a JPO has to have/demonstrate?

A: JPO's need to be respectful, responsible, a good listener, a good role model, and an absolutely very hard worker.

Q: How do you get into JPO?

A: You get in by filling out an application, and by having a positive teacher recommendation. Also, JPO applications go out in May of every year.

Well, there you have it. And remember that JPOs are not always about telling kids to put there Pokémon cards away (You shouldn't even have them) or to sit down. No, JPO's are out there to keep you safe. They are like angels. Okay, Okay, the main reason is that JPO's are not out there to be all bossy, but they're there to keep you safe, so I ask kindly to please listen to JPO's and you won't come home with a bruised leg. So please listen. Or else you will have a serious talk with Mr. Chung , and you should know, that you won't like it.


Go Green Tips

 By: Christine Toorinjian

     Welcome to go green tips! This part of the blog tells you about simple and easy ways on how to well, go green! There is almost always something new to try out, so keep on visiting for more tips on how to be green.

     This month’s tip: Donate your food scraps to some of the classes who have started vermiculture. If you don’t know what that is, here’s a simple run through on how it works. Basically, it’s raising worms and using their waste to help enrich the soil for healthier plants. Anyways, some of the classes who have started this is Ms. Firestone F-205, Ms. Correia F-204, Mr. Matsaura F-207, and Mrs. Lactaoen F-104, and they’re all in F building. Just tell them that you’ve brought some food scraps from home for the new vermiculture project, but before you do, there are some requirements on what the food needs to be and their conditions:

     #1: The food cannot be meat. It has to be all natural food, found in the ground or on trees. So, basically vegetables and fruits will only be accepted to feed the worms. Why? Because when the worms eat meat products, their waste won’t be as nutrient filled and will have developed an unpleasant smell.

     #2: The food has to be cut up into small pieces, so the worms can digest it easily and quickly. This helps us out because then we will have more worm feces. Even though this may not sound so exciting to you, it is for us, because that is the exact reason why we started this vermiculture project!

     These are the only requirements for the food that you bring in and it should be easy rounding up the food. All you need to do is ask your parents every night, or during the weekends (breakfast, lunch, dinner etc.), if they have any leftover vegetable and/or fruit scraps, or maybe even old, slightly spoiled vegetables and fruits and then put it into a plastic bag for the next day (after making the preparations to it of course!) and bring it to school. This won’t only benefit us or the worms, but it will benefit you too. By bringing in your food scraps, you will be reducing the amount of items you put into your trash and this will leave more room in your trash bag for actual trash, which will also reduce the amount of trash bags you use, also reducing plastic usage (depending on what type of trash bag you use), saving you money, and by taking up less space in landfills, by using less trash bags.

     Simple right? Well that’s it for now! Come visit again for even more go green tips.      


Written by: Taryn Kanai   Box Tops for Education
Dear teachers, parents, and students,

This whole year, our school will be collecting Box Tops. If you were wondering what Box Tops are, they help our school get money for more P.E. equipment, more books, and maybe more electronics.

Before you turn it in to your teacher, make sure the Box Tops are cut out neatly and check to see if they are expired or not. This year we will be having 2 contests. The first contest will run from July 30, 2012 until December 14, 2012. The second contest will run from January 1, 2013 until May 17, 2013. Last year with the Box Tops, we got school supplies and other things teachers needed to teach their students. Last year we earned about $1,400 from all the Box Tops we collected. You can find the Box Tops on kleenex boxes, tissue boxes, binders, cereal boxes, ziplock bag boxes, cookie boxes, Nestle juice packs, fruit roll-up product boxes, Fiber-One chewy bars, fruited flavored snacks, and Hefty trash bag boxes.

An easy way to collect Box Tops are when you see one, you can cut it out then keep all of your Box Tops in a ziplock bag.  Leave the ziploc bag somewhere you will easily see and remember. For example, my grandma collects it by making little envolopes out of regular envolopes and separates the Box Tops by their expiration dates. Each time she finds one, she automaticlly cuts them out and puts the Box Tops in the correct envolope. Now go start cutting out those Box Tops, bring them to school, and help us win money!

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


    By: Dasia Burr
   Have heard the news yet?! We are building an aquaponics system in the back of E building next to the peace garden! How does the aquaponics help the environment and our school you say? This helps the environment because the plants are all organic with no pesticides. It helps our school because when the plants grow we can get fresh oxygen, we can sell the vegetables when it’s ready to harvest, and have a vegetable market and make money from it, and maybe our school will be known for our healthy living style. If you could, can you please come by to see what our outdoor learning center looks like so far, or donate time to help us? If you can donate time it will be a big help for our school. There was a form sent out to your child that tells you what you can do to help. Hopefully you signed up!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Working with Light Bulbs

By:  Leialoha Bugarin

Want to save electricity and our earth? Of course you do! How will we help save electricity and our earth you wonder? Well first of all start using CFL light bulbs (swirly light bulbs) because it lasts 10x longer than the incandescent light bulbs (round ones). CFL also uses 75% less electricity than the incandescent light bulbs.


          In fact our school, Keone'ula will help. All you need to do is bring in your old incandescent light bulbs to our school. Then we will give you CFL light bulbs for free! Or you can give it to a student in Keone'ula who is in 6th grade, then they will exchange them for your FREE CFL light bulbs. So if you give us 3 old light bulbs we give you 3 CFL light bulbs.

          Now for some fun facts! Did you know that Hawaii uses more oil in one day than the U.S.? This is actually bad because this oil is a fossil fuel and it takes a long time to be created. So if we use too much and we run out, we won't be able to use it in a very long time. Another reason why it is bad is because we get this oil from foreign countries. Which means the oil travels on ships and if the ship sinks, the oil will spill into our ocean. If the oil spills in our ocean, corals will die, fishes will die, and then there won't be a big population of fish any more. The last reason why is because it comes from our earth, and where do we live? Earth! So please try and help our earth by participating and doing other fundraisers to save our earth.

 Thank You for Reading and for Saving Our Planet!