Thursday, January 31, 2013

Taking Those Risks

By:  Alyssa Neal

     As you all know, each month the teacher or class selects one student as the student of the month who demonstrates an IB attribute. This month, January, was the IB attribute "Risk-taker". Congrats to every single student who was selected. I think it is a HUGE honor! Like um, who wouldn't want to be recognized as a risk-taker? Everybody should want to!

     A risk-taker is a person who is not fearful of getting something wrong, they would take a chance in hopes of winning, but won't get negative when wrong. A risk-taker enjoys to try new things with a positive mind and will consistently keep trying until they get it right. Risk takers don't back down from a positive challenge, they just go! Go! Go!

     I feel everyone should take risks in life, whether it be leaving family for a while to go to Iraq or another country that needs help, or simply trying a new food. If you don't take risks you can't get anywhere in life because I bet you any job or career you choose to do, you will need to take risks. If you don't take those risks, you're out. Not three strikes your out. If you decide you don't want to take those risks, on the first time (First strike) you're out!

     You can take positive risks easily! All you have to do is "The Staircase". The top stair is your strengths (things you know you can well) And just make your way down the staircase accomplishing each problem as you go. On the way down, all your challenges may get harder and harder and harder, but guess what? Your strengths help you along the way, and A CHALLENGE IS GOOD!  Maybe we should start viewing challenges as going down a staircase, instead of the difficult trek up the stairs.

     Well, while all this information is flowing in my head I interviewed Kylee Kamalii, 6th grade, F-205.

     "Hey Kylee, can I ask you two questions about your honor for representing F-205 for the IB attribute risk-taker?

     "Sure!" she replies.

     "How did you be a risk-taker?"

     She responds back, "Well, I ate some new foods. Made new friends very easily, because I wasn't shy to talk, and I made sure I volunteered more. (To share, participate, to help, etc.) This was pretty easy and fun too!"

     "Wow!" I reply. "Great job!"

     "Did you think you were going to get chosen for risk-taker?"

     She replies, "No. I really didn't because I thought there were a lot of great risk-takers from my class, so I didn't think I would have gotten chosen. And on the other hand, I didn't think people actually noticed me risk-taking."

     "Well, sounds like you certainly deserved it." I replied. "Thank you."

     Wow! Being a risk-taker sounds like fun, and sounds pretty easy too! So, I leave you with one final thought......

What risk will you take today?

Sell Those Tickets!!

By: Leialoha Bugarin

Sell,sell,sell! Why? Well because as you sell those fundraising tickets, our school Keone'ula, will earn money. Also, if we earn money, we help our school because now we will be able to buy new equipment and supplies. We are selling pizza, pound loaf cake, cinnamon bread, and hot dog manapuas. All fundraiser tickets and money are due on Friday, Feburary 1st. Everyone who sells 10 tickets will be entered in a drawing for an X-Box 360 or $300. So sell as much as you can to earn money for our school!

Go Green Tips: A New Type of School :)

By: Christine Toorinjian

            Everyone knows the saying, "You can't teach an old dog new tricks", right? Well, now you do, though it's not too relevant to what I'm about to say. Forget about old dogs and start teaching new ones! If you're confused about what this means, just keep reading! What I mean is to start getting your kids, or younger cousins, or neighbor's kid, or just even any kid that you know (or don't), into a greener lifestyle. Be a green role model. Be a green super hero. Do anything to get the kids interested. As long as they're sort of showing an understanding of what you are saying/doing, you know that your making progress! If not, then try using smaller words. That always helps! Anyways, the objective for this "Go Green Tips" blog is to train you, (the old dogs), how to train the kids, (the new dogs). So get some toys and treats, and let's start training!

            So let's start with some at home activities to get the ball rolling. There are many simple things that you can doin front of your kids to get them into the habit of doing it too. Hey, you know what they say: Monkey see, monkey do! NOT that your kids are monkies or anything... ANYWAYS, examples of things to do to show your kids how to stay green is by turning the water off when you're brushing your teeth and usiing fans instead of turning on the A/C.  All simple things like that. Even just turning off the light when you're leaving a room can make a huge difference. When your kids see you doing this consistently and constantly, they'll start getting into the groove of it too, and you know that all kids only want to be just like their parents! Successful in life. So when they see someone who has been through it all, who has gone through the motions, don't you think that they're going to want to be JUST like that? Someone who has gone through all of the trials and tribulations of life doing simple things like turning off the light when they leave the room. When they seet this, the first thing that is going to run through their minds is I want to do that. I want to be just like that person. I'm going to do this so that I can be. So really, what you do, really does affect the others around you. So are you going to lead your kids to a greener lifestyle where they are aware and respectful of the Earth? Or are you going to lead them to a life of an energy-sucking, water-wasting, pollution producing slob, where all they know is to take and take and take, but to never give? The time starts now to change, so use it wisely.

            Now let's move on to some community activities. Encourage your child to volunteer and get involved with school programs, where they reach your kids about how to take care of the Earth. How to treat it. How to give back to it. Suggest that they should join maybe the school's garden club or sign up for classes on the environment. Take them to workshops, the Hawaii Nature Center in Maikiki Heights, local farms. The possibilities are endless. The only thing that you have to worry about is that is keeping their interest in the environent. I mean what use is it to make them go to all of these classes, the workshops, the clubs, if they aren't interested on what they are trying to teach? This is the key thing. You have to get them interested in a green lifestyle and keep them interested. For the younger ones you could say that they'll recognized as super heroes if they don't turn on the A/C for a whol hour. For the older ones you could say that it helps prevent pimples! Not really, but I'm pretty sure that you can come up with something!

            Overall, we just wanted to tell you to start getting kids into that greener lifestyle now before it's too late. Start making those little things habits now so that later, they won't need to be. Just encourage, smile, and go green!

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mad Science!!

Recently, Mrs. Matsuura's class won a free presentation by Mad Science, for the winning efforts of Shaina Garma's energy conservation drawing.  Way to go Shaina!  Check out the cool things they learned and experienced!


Let it Grow, Let it Grow, Let it Grow!

By:  Alyssa Neal

   Recently, the fifth graders went to Mari's Garden. Do you all know about our aquaponics garden located by E building? Well if you haven't go check it out! Anyways, Mari's Garden is just like our school garden. But just to get some extra information on how the field trip worked, I interviewed Cassandra Toorinjian of Ms. Parks class. 

   What is one thing you learned while touring the garden? I asked.

   She replied, "Well, we learned about the two systems they use for their garden. They use two. Aquaponics, and hydroponics."
   What interested you the most?
   Happily she replied, "How they plant the seeds, and the system they use to work their garden."
   Lastly I asked, What was your favorite part of the field trip?
   "We fed the goats! It was tons of fun! We fed them cucumbers."
   Wow! Their field trip sounded very informational, and fun at the same time! Makes me just want to drive over to Mari's Garden today! So, are you going to check out Mari's Garden?

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day!

By:  Dasia Burr

This past Monday was Martin Luther King Jr. day. If you do not know him, then this is what you need to remember: he helped to stop segregation. If he didn’t stop the segregation then the things that you see now like all kinds of kids from different cultures and skin color playing together, it wouldn’t be like that right now.  Martin Luther King Jr. he made black and white join together, as it should be. Hopefully you had time to stop and remember him on this federal holiday. His birthday was on January 15th, and we celebrate this very special man on the 3rd Monday of January. 

Martin Luther King Jr.AFP / Getty Images
U.S. civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr. waves to supporters from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial on Aug. 28, 1963

1st Semester Awards Assembly

By: Taryn Kanai and Leialoha Bugarin

To be awarded for perfect attendance you would've had to be at school every single day of the semester with absolutely no tardies. We had quite a few people who received this award but we think that our school can do much better. To get an academic award you needed MP's and ME's throughout the semester. We think that if we all work to the best of our ability, then we could all get an academic award. To be awarded the student of the semester award, you would have had to been selected by your teacher because you've gone above and beyond in school. You demonstrated responsibility, respect, and leadership potential.  Congratulations to all the students who got awards, and if you didn't get one, then we encourage you to try your best this semester.  You can do it!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Go Green Tips: Fashion Advice... Sorta!

By: Christine Toorinjian

            Okay, so let's get started! You know how most people dry and wash their clothes with a dryer and a washing machine? I wouldn't know too much about it, probably because I don't do laundry... Anyways, today we're going to tell you how to wash and dry your threads, while also saving quite a bit of energy!

            #1: DO clean out the lint from your dryer's lint filter before starting each load to have better air circulation within the wash. This can also prevent fires, which sounds pretty good to me!

            #2: DO NOT overload your dryer IF you want sufficient air flow while drying!

            #3: DO look for energy-saving features when buying a new dryer. Examples of these would be "moisture sensing" or "cool-down".

            #4: DO NOT add wet items to a load that is partially dried. The added item will add moisture and increased time for the items in the dryer.

            #5: DO use a classic clothesline instead of using a dryer 8 times a week. It'll keep approximately $32 in your pocket and a windy feeling when you put on these clothes!

            NOW, I expect you to use my advice and dry your clothes this way! You will look good, your electric bill will look good, but your stains will look the same! Unless you wash it real good, but then again...

Go Green Tips: New Year's Resolution

By: Christine Toorinjian

          So it's the new year's, and, well, have you made your new year's resolution yet? No? Well, now it's time to! Because you may not have any ideas yet, I'll make one for you! New Year's Resolution: This year I want to save the planet. There! Now I'm here to take your resolution to the next level!

         #1: Place your precious lamps and TV's AWAY from your air conditioning thermostat. They sense surrounding heat and can keep the A/C running longer than usual. So, SAVE the A/C from running over time by rearranging your house!

         #2: Skylights: Use many little ones, instead of one big one. It gives off better light distribution! SAVE big lights with small ones!

         #3: You ever heard of air drying clay? Well you can do the samething with dishes instead of using the heat cycle! SAVE your dishes from immense heat!

         #4: Choose ENERGY STAR qualified clothes washers. One feature on it is high-spin speed, that when used, can lower drying time and energy use when dry your clothes afterwards. SAVE, a clothes washer by giving it a new home!

         #5: Use tight fitting lids to help keep the heat within pots and pans, which will reduce cooking times. SAVE, pots and pans from a fashion disaster with those tight fitting lids to compliment their handles or ladles!

         Okay, so now you know what you can save when you follow these tips, so, DO THEM! This IS saving the planet just so you know, just one step at a time basically!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Why Teachers & Schools Should be Paid More

By:  Dasia Burr

I think that teachers should be paid more because us kids are the next generation and we want our next generation to be able to lead our country and we do that by our school, education. And teachers teach us. It’s time to think of what’s happening right now. Guess what? Government is paying more on prison security than on education. Doesn’t  this make you mad and frustrated? Because now it’s like we are stuck, what do we do now? This is why I think that teachers should be paid more.

2012 Goodbye, Hello 2013! ;-)

By: Christine Toorinjian and Alyssa Neal

A list of year 2013 goals is a great idea to start a fresh new year. You could have personal, social, academic goals, and many more. GOALS GALORE!

Another great year is over, and a new one has arrived! Whoa! 2012 went by so fast! That means you have a whole new year to not make the same mistakes you made last year. You're a new person. A new person makes new goals. More friends. And challenges them in positive ways that you didn't do last year. Every year should be lived wisely and properly in a positive way. Because once a year is gone, it's gone. You will always have those great memories from the year before, but can you re-live it? If you think about it, it sort of feels like a new year comes to fix your mistakes.

Let's start with how YOU want to be your year like. Do you want it to be a year in which you shall improve yourself with goals you've set from last year? Do you want it to be a year in which you shall cherish it for as long as you shall live? Do you have some new years resolutions set? If you do, you're definitely on the right track! If you don't, then.... YOU should! Moving on, it's really simple if you creative a short list on you're goals for a new year, and planning on accomplishing your resolutions this year.

So what to do, what to do on this fine 2013 I bet your wondering? Well, what do YOU what to do? The possibilities are endless! You could repair things that were broken. Find things that were lost. Finish things that were incomplete. Start things that were meant to be started. Enough information on you new years resolutions that you need to consider doing, and on to a new topic!

Let's talk about the new book your going to write! You know, this new years book? Each year is like a new book about your life that is about to be written. It will consist of those chapters where they're just going to be fillers. It will consist of those chapters where they're going to be full of those really depressing times, and those extremely action packed moments. Most of all, it will consist of those times where you seem free. Where you be yourself. Where you enjoy others companionship and old and new friendships. Where you go through even more change in life, for better or for worse. Let others inspire you, and you inspire them. Copying is shameful, but changing something to match you is what's right. One last thing. Enjoy your story.

Wow. So many idea's you should accomplish. Here's another one. Nothing hard. And it takes a miner second. Get a jar, or a bowl. Keep a stack of small sheets of paper by the jar or bowl at all times. Keep it in a good spot. Go through the year as normal, positive you. Say you get your first A+ of the year one day? Once you get home, right what good thing happened on that small sheet of paper, fold it up, and put it into your jar. Continue doing that throughout the WHOLE year. No peeking through the recent ones during the year either. At the end of the year, pour all of those good little's notes out and read them (On December 31st before the 12:00 in the morning.) And its like a ton of little gifts starting off the New Year!

~ It's a whole new year, a clean slate, and it's just waiting for you to fill it up again...~

Go Green Tips: Belated Christmas Presents

By: Christine Toorinjian

                    Ho, ho, ho! MERRY BELATED CHRISTMAS!!!!! Now guys, I know that Christmas has passed, but it doesn't mean you shouldn't stop giving presents! I mean, of course I'll take them! No? Well here's a person that I think would LOVE a Christmas present right now, belated ot not! Here she is: MOTHER NATURE! You know why we should give her some presents? Well, we take and take and take away from her over the years and it really builds up if you take the time to see what you've done. Examples of these takings would be land, in which she had originally created for us to enjoy and NOT to destroy. Trees in which we use for many things like paper, building, etc. when they should really be used for scenery and oxygen. So how about you become Santa Claus without the beard this year and give to Mother Nature! Here's my present to you to get you started!

                    So here are the little gifts of joy I have given you to give to our special reciever, Mother Nature. You can thank me later:

                    #1: Get some CFL's to light up your world! Sorry about this EXTREMELY late update, but our school WAS trading in old incandescent light bulbs, (regular ones that usually represent the time of getting an idea in cartoons), and giving you guys CFL's. Because some of you weren't able to get your light bulbs, I guess I'll reward you with a fact! CFL's stand for compact fluorescent lights. If you already knew that, then I just reinforced your knowledge!

                    #2: When doing laundry, an alien thing that I've never done before, dry only full loads in the dryer thing, and then hang smaller loads onto a clothes line. You won't only be saving electricity, but giving fashion advice for the neighbors!

                    #3: Don't preheat your oven! If your baking, I can see why though...

                    THOSE are my presents form me to you, to Mother Nature!


By:Taryn Kanai and Leialoha Bugarin

Have you heard about the shooting in Connecticut at Sandy Hook Elementary School? If you have not then we will tell you about it. Adam Lanza at the age of 20, went to the school after he had shot his mother, then shot 20 kids and 6 adult staff members. He went to many classes, then the police arrived and they found that Adam had shot himself in the head. Plus he has done all of this because he didn't want to go to boot camp. That is why it is so important for you or your child to always have their nametags on when on school campus. For you parents during school hours, if you come to drop something off to your child's class, don't go straight there, you need to go to the office and get a tag that prove you are a visitor. Thank you and teachers and parents make sure your child is always wearing their nametags!

Friday, January 4, 2013

January Book of the Month

January Book of the Month
       Sometimes, there is more to something than meets the eye.  Like a scarecrow.  You think it’s just a stick decorated, but no. There is much more to a scarecrows life than meets the eye.
            So this story is about a scarecrows life.  For example, his hat has housed mice, and his arms have rested birds. A morning glory had held tight to his legs and a worm is living in his lapel. So this book is short, but really interesting. I think you should really read this book. It will only take five minutes of your time.
             What is the author trying to tell me? Well, I think her message is try to focus on the little things in life, because it makes a huge impact in life. Perhaps a button, it can be used on your shirts which helps to keep it together. If we didn’t have that, some shorts and shirts will be open. So overall, this book for me was great so it should teach you something when you read it, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy the book, Scarecrow.

Go Gr- No Not This Time!

Go Gr- No Not This Time!
By: Christine Toorinjian
          Hey there! So I already know what your wondering. What's up with the title? Well this blog is going to be a little different. This one is just going to be a little treat for everyone who has been participating in the HECO Home Energy Challenge! Quick question though. Has anyone ever thanked you for all those times that you followed my tips, and dared to save energy? No? Well, I'm here to do just that! Appreciation for all that you've done is what you most most deserve. After all, we've been doing this challenge for a couple of months now and for those of you who had signed up for the challenge , must have been giving some great effort to get our school to the top... Or at least, you should be! So, you want to hear the gratitude and praise you deserve? Well, mosey on down to what's coming up next, and I'll think you'll find it there!
          So parents, or whoever else is reading this! If you aree reading this right now, (and you are if your seeing these exact words), then you're in for a sweet suprise! SHORT, but SWEET! Anyways, moving on to that suprise. SUPRISE! Thank you for all the things that you've done to help our school win the challenge . Thank you for taking the time to actually read our blogs to be even more knowledgeable on what's going on with the challenge, how to help out with it, and even many other aspects of the school. But most of all, thank you for showing your spirit for Keone'ula through all that you've done for us. And the suprise get's even bigger... Not only will you recieve gratitude, but IB attribute awards also. Caring, Open Minded, Inquirer, Knowledgeable, and Reflective is what you guys all are. Based off of your actions, though we may never see you do any of these things, we know that most of you do actions to display these attributes. You are awarded Caring for supporting and working for our school to reach the top in the HECO Home Energy Challenge. You are awarded Open Minded for opening up to our ideas to save energy, and actually implementing them whenever you can. You are awarded Inquirer for seeking new ways on how to help our school by reading the Go Green Tips blogs. You are awarded Knowledgeable for your willingness to learn how to save energy through sources such as us. You are awarded Reflective, (your last one, sorry!), for realizing that you can help our community by taking it a step further and  participating in Home Energy Challenge's like this, and maybe even carrying on with doing the tips, even when it's over.
          This is our thanks, from us, to you, and we really do mean it. We've really appreciated the great work this year, and hope it continues with following school years.

Go Green Tips: Electrons, Neutrons… No, Just Electricity!

By: Christine Toorinjian

            As you’ve heard in last weeks’ edition of Go Green Tips, we’re still in it to win the HECO Home Energy Challenge! When will this “nonsense” ever stop you may ask? Well, and honey it ‘aint nonsense, it isn’t over until it’s over, and clearly, it isn’t over if I keep on bringing it up. Here’s a small update though.  Because we joined in on the challenge at the beginning of the school year, and with the challenge being 6 months long, we’re about 3-4 months in with the challenge. Instead of telling you even more about the challenge, it’s time for you to hear the tips that just, might lead us to victory. The tips that will save the environment, and not only that, but your wallet from ever going hungry again. The tips that I don’t really have much else to say about. Here they are, he one and only tips about electronics, that will be listed in the next paragraph!
 So let’s cut to the chase. This week’s tips are about how we can save energy through the use of our electronics. Of course, we use these things every day, so might as well save a bit of energy here and there while you’re at it. Hey, one good thing leads to another. Anyways, here we are with this week’s tips:
#1: Use power strips to eliminate phantom energy loads. This is when something draws energy even when not in use. Devices such as cell phone chargers use standby power when not in use, which can cause phantom loads.
#2: If you have a PC and you’re not going to use it for more than 20 minutes, turn monitor off. If you’re not going to use it for more than 2 hours, turn both the CPU and monitor off.
#3: Choose ENERGY STAR qualified home electronics, which are known to use up to 60% less energy than other brands.
#4: Activate the “sleep” features found on printers and other office equipment so that after a while, they’ll power down.
#5: Check the power management features on your computer and monitor are activated and running.
Well, that seems just about right! Just remember to keep these tips in mind the next time you’re on your computer, or charging your phone. Also keep in mind that the challenge is almost at an end, and by that end, we want to be at the top end of the winner’s this year! See you again next time for more tips on how to save some energy!