Thursday, April 18, 2013

Spirit Week Outcome!

By: Taryn Kanai

Spirit week was awesome! Many people showed their school spirit everyday! Monday was pajama day. I really loved this day because I didn't have to get ready in the morning. The favorite pajama set I saw was one with a monkey holding a cupcake. Tuesday was twin day, and I was twins with my bff Dasia. On Wednesday was mustache day, and my favorite mustache was a little boy's one. He had a mask with a face, mustache, beard and everything.  Thursday was sports day, you could have dressed up as someone you favor in athletics or in a sport that you play.  I saw lots of people wearing either football or soccer uniforms. Finally, casual day was my favorite because everyone dressed up however they wanted.  Following dress code of course. Also thank you to all the people who dressed in purple for Purple Up Day on Monday to support our military and their families because they deserve recognition and honor. 

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